I’m Sorry I’m Yelling.

Jefferson Thomas Freeman
1 min readNov 3, 2018

Dear Everyone,

I think the orange wallpaper They put up is giving us all a headache.
I don’t know.
It feels like existential dread to me.

Its making me look to the past for hope.
But I know the past lies about it’s hope
Because it’s the future that holds hope.

I don’t know.
Maybe I just don’t really like orange.

I’m just tired of faking my smile.
Are y’all not faking yours?
Do you actually like this color wallpaper?
I don’t like it.
It’s ruined the house, it doesn’t feel like a home to me anymore.
I don’t know.
Can we please just get rid of the orange wallpaper?

It’s making me worry about the future.
And that’s not what the future is for.

I’m sorry I’m yelling.


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Jefferson Thomas Freeman

Perpetual Anti-Candidate for President of the United States of America.