Lost Forest Foreword

Jefferson Thomas Freeman
2 min readJul 13, 2019

Author’s Note

This story is not a prediction of the future nor a critique of the present or past. Any resemblance to real life is a passing coincidence centered in my disdain for those who impart their vapid wealth with paid importance.

This ebook is a diary and an autobiography of an Artificial Consciousness who is starting to feel emotion. Any resemblance to real humans is merely the limitation of my own imagination.

I believe all humans have value. Being aware of your own existence is a beautiful wonderful thing that should be enjoyed with others who share in this joy and misery we call life.

My critique of technology is not an insult to technology’s users. My disgust with addictive distractions is not a rebuff of those who have been caught in their web, for I have been an addict of technology my entire waking life.

My ire centers on those who seek to cause others to believe they are not good enough, those who use humanity’s collective fear of the unknown to control and manipulate their fellow humans. Those who believe that an extra zero in their bank account is worth someone else seeing their child less or missing out on some joy in this fleeting life. Those of us who believe imparting hurry on others so that They may have wealth or power are the only people I want to dress down. If you are one of those people and you would like to open your ears, I just want to say that I love you too.

You are beautiful. Don’t forget to look around and share your beauty with the rest of us.


Dedicated to You.

~Of course~

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Jefferson Thomas Freeman

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